This series of three exhibits highlights the stories of some of Salem’s most important people and families during the “Age of Sail” in Salem. The Nathaniel Bowditch panels describe his vast contributions to the science of navigation. The Derby and Crowninshield panels focus on two of Salem’s most powerful families during the Revolutionary War and the
Golden Age of Trade.

Additional Online Resources
1. Memoir of Nathaniel Bowditch”, by Nathaniel Ingersoll Bowditch
2. “The New American Practical Navigator”, By Nathaniel Bowditch
3. The Derby Family in Salem

4. “The Story of George Crowninshield’s Yacht”, by George & Benjamin Crowninshield

Exhibit Sponsors and Contributors
Display Sponsor, Nathaniel Bowditch: George & Ellen Brandenburg
Text Content, Nathaniel Bowditch: George Brandenburg; Ken Harris
Visual Content, Nathaniel Bowditch: Great Island Design
Peabody Essex Museum; U.S. Naval Observatory Collection
Display Sponsor, Derby & Crowninshield: Robert T. Lutts, Cabot Money Management
Text Content, Derby & Crowninshield: David Goss; Ken Harris
Visual Content, Derby & Crowninshield: Great Island Design
Peabody Essex Museum