Our Hawthorne exhibit covers the great author’s life from his early days at Bowdoin to his job at Salem’s Custom House; his family’s connection to the Salem witch trials; his signature novels and short stories; his friendship with Herman Melville; and his complex marriage and life with Sophia Peabody.

Additional Online Resources
1. PEM Hawthorne Online Exhibition 
2. The House of the Seven Gables 
3. Hawthorne in Salem Website 
4. A Melville Homage to Hawthorne 
5. Henry James on Hawthorne  
6. Hawthorne Family Papers 
7. Hawthorne’s Works   

Exhibit Sponsors and Contributors
Display Sponsor: Author Brunonia Barry
Text Content: David Goss; Ken Harris
Visual Content: Great Island Design; Peabody Essex Museum;
The Berkshire Athenaeum; The House of the Seven Gables;
Salem Maritime / U.S. National Park Service